Power up Your Lead Generation with Linkedin

Supposedly, this last year, we were supposed to hit 297 billion emails sent daily as a planet. Whether we actually reached that, I have no clue. But that’s a lot of emails compared to the seven billion people who actually live on this planet.

And while email marketing does work, it’s becoming less effective every day. That means marketers will be searching for other ways to generate leads and explode that revenue.

But what are your options? You could go the traditional PPC route, and you probably already use that method. There are e-books and white papers.

All the methods combined and you have a cohesive strategy. But there is one route a lot of marketers neglect. That’s LinkedIn.

Yeah, sure, it’s a “social network” but it works differently than other networks. So, let’s dig in and find out exactly how one simply does generate leads through LinkedIn.

1. Build That Company Page

Let’s say you are a real estate company. You want your clients to know you are accredited and certified and all that junk. How do you expect them to know this without visiting your office and seeing the certificate hanging on your wall?

A great company page on LinkedIn tells clients that you’re certified…if you want it to.

Make sure you include every detail related to your business. You want all relevant experience and expertise listed. Be sure as well to link back to all your other social media.

That last one will show leads that you care about communication.

And for SEO purposes, don’t forget to link back to your website. Lastly, don’t forget to add visual content. You want to stand out from the competition on your LinkedIn page and you can do this by posting photos and video and infographics.

2. Slide Into Their DMs

Let’s say you have a flat fee MLS listing page. And you want to drive leads to that page. Use your LinkedIn page as a cheap landing page.

If you followed my #1 bullet point, you already have an incredible company page on LinkedIn. Why not use it as a landing page?

Once people connect with you on LinkedIn, you have the perfect “in” to convert them into clients. And that “in” is the private message service.

If you want to seem personal, this is probably the best way to go. And no longer will you have to be the one at the computer typing away to leads. LinkedIn now allows chatbots.

So put the AI to work for you and start turning those leads into clients.

3. Use the Blogging Feature on LinkedIn

You can show your expertise on LinkedIn by writing blogs. Yep, LinkedIn has a blogging feature that allows companies to show they are experts in their field.

This also allows you to insert links into your content and take advantage of the limited “link juice” you’ll get from LinkedIn.

But the biggest advantage of blogging on LinkedIn is access to a major audience. There are over 460 million users on LinkedIn, and if your articles get shared around, you’re going to see some LinkedIn love.

4. Stay Relevant

While LinkedIn isn’t nearly as popular a social network as Twitter or Facebook, clients still look to LinkedIn pages for new information about a company. If you’re not keeping your LinkedIn page current, you’re missing out on a major opportunity.

If you sell property, for instance, be sure to keep potential clients abreast of the market by posting on LinkedIn about new opportunities. Update leads on new property marketing ideas. And share news about the market.

Other companies might share your information if they find it useful and link back to your page. And if you gain any number of followers, that audience will appreciate fresh content on your LinkedIn page.

5. Take Advantage of Showcase Pages

Showcase pages are subpages in LinkedIn meant to show off a specific product or service. It’s a way of niching down your page to cater to certain audiences.

If you service several niche markets, showcase pages are a great way of keeping each audience separate and staying personal to that market niche. And once you’ve published this information, LinkedIn is kind enough to give you analytics on each showcase page separately.

A showcase page looks more like a traditional newspaper with two columns for content. When leads see a showcase page, they can’t navigate away quickly. The page doesn’t feature tabs on top like your common LinkedIn page.

And the only links inherent on the page lead back to the main business page acting like a defacto funnel. Plus, no employee page is associated with a showcase page. The sole focus of the page is the product or service and nothing more.

6. Use It for Its Intended Purpose

Networking. This is the real reason LinkedIn exists. It’s there to network professionals. And growing your network can only do one thing. Increase your ability to find leads.

If you can partner with other companies in your niche, guest post, get featured in podcasts and videos, you’ll quickly increase your audience. And sometimes you’ll even make old connections new again.

If your company is old enough to have existed before LinkedIn, then you may have lost contacts over time that meant lead generation in the past. With networks like LinkedIn, you have the opportunity to reconnect with past leads and rekindle a relationship.

Even if these old leads aren’t interesting in your product or service anymore, they could be a great referral source for your business.

LinkedIn: The Veritable Referral Machine

Any business that relies on referrals as their bread and butter would be grateful for any opportunity to boost their referral game. LinkedIn is this opportunity.

It’s a referral machine that allows you to ask for recommendations from pretty much anybody, and it sometimes does this on its own using a patented algorithm.

So get out there, make your LinkedIn presence count and be sure to check out more lead generation advice.

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