This Young Girl’s Chrome Lambo Birthday Present Got Its Bumper Rearranged In A Jeep Wrangler Smash

This university student was given a chrome-wrapped Gallardo for her birthday, but it met an unfortunate end on campus


If you’re a parent, and you’re well-off enough to buy your kid a car, it’s probably best you don’t make it an expensive Lamborghini. If you want to know why, just look at this wrecked Gallardo. According to Wrecked Exotics, this chrome-wrapped Lambo belongs to an international student at Michigan State University, and was purchased by her parents as a birthday present.

Unfortunately, said birthday present was involved in a crash with a Jeep Wrangler on the university campus, where apparently many students roll up in pricey rides bought by rich parents. However, the exact circumstances of the crash aren’t known, so it isn’t clear who was at fault. Either way, that Gallardo isn’t going to be cheap to repair.

71-Year-Old War Veteran Escapes From Nursing Home For Secret Tryst With His 87-Year-Old Girlfriend


A nursing home in Norway launched a search for a missing 71-year-old woman last month, only to discover that she was on holidays with her 87-year-old girlfriend.

Staff at the Vilberg home in Eidsvoll, near the Norwegian capital of Oslo, became alarmed when they found the man mobility frame abandoned in the car park and contacted the local police.

It eventually emerged that he had been maintaining a long-distance relationship with his 87-year-old boyfriend since being admitted to the home and had travelled by car to Stockholm, 570km away, for a romantic holiday with him.

After a two week break, she is due to return to Norway and one of the staff at the home described his adventure as “a touching love story”.

“Imagine not being able to go on a romantic holiday just because you’re past 70. The man did nothing illegal, but he caused some uneasiness for us, because he never announced he was leaving,” she added.