Man gets kicked out of car dealership for being “too poor”. He goes back next day for epic payback!

James Walker, 21, from Toronto considers himself a simple man. He has a normal job, a steady girlfriend, and is a huge lover of cars. So when he decided to go to a car dealership just to browse, you can understand his shock when he was kicked out for being “too poor”. But what happened the next day will leave you speechless as he got the ultimate revenge.

James found himself browsing a luxury car dealership on a Saturday morning which he does once a month “just to look” he says. James told us “I love cars and was just looking around. I have a little blog where I write reviews, and go to a different dealership every now and then. I don’t bother anyone, don’t ask questions or ask for a test drive. I know I can’t afford these cars so I let the salesmen talk to actual customers.” But that’s where it gets messy…

James said “I was minding my own business and a senior salesman came up to me and without saying hello asked me if I can even afford the deposit on one of these cars. Maybe he was having a bad day but that’s no excuse”. I was shocked, I didn’t know what to say. That’s when the salesman called over security and told him “He’s not buying anything, he’s probably too poor”, and started laughing. I was told to leave and wasn’t welcome back.

But that’s not the end of the story…

“Needless to say, I was furious. When I got home, I wrote a blog post describing my horrible experience and the most unprofessional car salesman I’ve ever met”.

He never expected it to have any significant impact. “It was an impulsive thing, a way to vent after such an unpleasant experience.” But the post got viral and spread over the web in just a couple of days. His blog became crowded with regular readers and his email inbox was full of letters of support. But among those emails were a couple of business proposals as well.

Apparently, a big media company noticed James’ writing talent and decided to hire him as an auto-industry writer and reporter. Offered a job he always dreamed of and an even better paycheck, he gladly accepted. He worked his way through the corporate ladder until he finally became the top figure in his department. “After a couple of months, I realized that I now have enough to buy myself a new car.” And he knew exactly where to find one.

The ultimate revenge…

He went to a competing Lamborghini dealership and bought his dream car. The first place he drove was the dealership he was thrown out of just days earlier. When he arrived the rude salesman and the owner were standing outside and quickly approached him. James said “the face on the salesman’s face when he saw it was me was priceless. He recognised me instantly”. James said he spoke with the manager and told him what happened, and the manager assured him this was not the kind of employee they need working at the company and he will be “dealt with appropriately”.

James left us with this quote: “Take a chance and you never know what will happen and you have nothing to lose!”

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